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About Our Flora Wellness Skin & Self-Love Program:

Our skin is not just the superficial organ we present to the outside world. It is much more important and gives us much more information about our overall health than we realize. Our skin is comprised of 3 main layers: the hypodermis (the deepest layer), the dermis and the epidermis (the layer we can see). What we apply topically will generally effect the epidermis while only a small percentage will reach the dermis. The dermis layer houses the collagen and elastin components of the skin, responsible for healing and speed of aging of the skin. We need to ensure that we are not only treating the skin with the highest quality of topical agents, but that we are addressing these deeper layers of the skin. How do we do this? Diet, exercise, appropriate supplementation, along with targeted treatments to encourage the regeneration of both collagen & elastin are all methods to comprehensively treat your skin, no matter the skin condition or concern.

Where does a Naturopathic Doctor come in? We are medically trained to understand the scientific make-up of skin health and use well-proven treatment protocols to enhance your body’s ability to heal and live at your most vital from all aspects- but especially through skin health. Digestion and immune health play intricate roles in how your skin presents your health and to ignore those factors would be sidestep the root cause.

What to Expect?

Our 21-day Skincare & Anti-Aging Program is three weeks of committed skin and lifestyle modification.

 What is included?


Meal Plan

Facial Acupuncture

Tailored Supplement Plan*

Recommended Topical Care*

Post-Program Follow-Up


*Not included in program cost.


  • Diet & Meal planning for the full 21 days

  • Focused supplementation for your specific skin & health concerns

  • Movement & exercise implementation: get ready to sweat!

  • Facial Cosmetic Acupuncture: used to increase blood flow which improves collagen and elastin production, but also decreases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles! Acupuncture is done twice/week for three weeks= six amazing & rejuvenating sessions!

Treatment Plan for $750

[Valued Over $1500]

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